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  • Rechelle Leahy

Starting the conversation

Since the start of COVID19 it has been a question we are sure everyone has had on their mind, what would happen if I got sick. The thing is most of us don't want to think about it, somehow there is a huge elephant in the room when it comes to discussing death and our end of life wishes.

Older family members often choose to sweep the conversation under the rug, which is completely understandable, no one wants to contemplate their mortality, it's too much.

What we can tell you is that right now is the perfect time to start these conversations, when the idea that a virus could not only make you very unwell, but possibly take your life - this IS the time to get your affairs in order.

At iDecide we want to provide the start to these conversations and are working on a range of conversation starters to help you out.

Some questions that you might like to use as a prompt to start the conversation include:

(1) Do you have a Will? If so where is it kept? Is it still valid?

(2) Have you decided who will be your enduring guardian - someone who will speak for you when you are no longer able to?

(3) Have you written an Advance Care Directive?

(4) Have you discussed your end of life plans with family and friends?

(5) What type of funeral do you want? Will you be buried or cremated? Do your loved ones know your preferences?

At iDecide we completely understand that these questions are uncomfortable at best and scary at worst, BUT at iDecide we firmly believe that doing the work on your end of life planing now manages your death so you can continue to live your life to the full now.

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