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Coming Soon!

Interactive Online Will Template

iDecide is developing an online Will template valid across all Australian states.

A good estate plan will help make sure your wishes are carried out when you die. It can also help if you become unable to make your own decisions.

This is the start of your life document management in an easy to use, interactive template. 

iDecide's template will guide you through how to make a Will, describe what you have and who you want to leave it to. 

It's easy to use, plain English and open to everyone.


In downloading this Will document from iDecide, you have not asked us to provide legal advice to you. This document contains information only in a template format where you have input your personal details. iDecide is not a law firm and is not acting as your lawyer in providing this document to you. Any specific insurance questions should be directed to a lawyer and it is recommended you attend a lawyer to obtain any legal advice you may require in relation to this document.

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