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Manage your life.

Store your documents.

Safe, secure, accessible.


Plan for the future, live for today

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We plan for our beginnings.

It's time to plan for our ending in the same way. 

iDecide takes the difficult conversations about end-of-life paper work and makes it less stressful for all involved. 

It's easy to use and open to everyone.


Let us be your Life Managers

iDecide managing your life documents in a safe, secure and accessible place when you need them most.


A safe place to store all of your life documents.


Secure cloud-based storage Secure by Design


Online access 24/7. 

The iDecide Story

iDecide mockup iphone.png
Where we started...

From the seed of an idea developed in the beautiful New England of NSW, iDecide started with a passion to help, drawn from lived experience and a single product idea. 


iDecide's goal is to open up the conversation about end-of-life management providing safe, secure and accessible document storage.


iDecide’s mission is to serve the world providing an open platform for communication and storage of life documents. iDecide is the ‘life management’ system that you’ve been missing.

Where we are going...

iDecide is accessing the best of Cloud technology to develop the easiest and most secure way to store, share and manage your life documents.


With bank level security, your documents will be available 24/7, you can nominate trusted parties as contacts, provide instructions to loved ones and know that your wishes are recorded safely for access when required.


A life document management revolution

Storing and managing your life documents

Over 50% of us don't have a valid Will or a Will at all. There are so many documents that we need to keep track of and iDecide is the answer to this management.


We are your life managers, 24/7, safe, secure and accessible.


What People are Saying

“This is a great idea, I wish it was available when my Dad died. I am definitely signing up. It will save so much stress for lots of families”

Sarah. S

“I need to get my  paperwork sorted, this is what I need to get started managing my own documents and now I realise I need to get my Will organised.”

Ben. M

“I definitely want to start these conversations with my family, I can use iDecide to store the documents I already have and start the discussion with my family.”

James. K


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